Exhibition curated by Aaron Rose in Auckland

I got awfully excited when I first got whiff of this exhibition - only to discover I was a day late and we missed the opening. Not only has Aaron rose curated an exhibition in New Zealand  - he has brought some of our favourite artist's work. The exhibition featured prints by Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Ed Templeton, Terry Richardson, Chris Johanson and many more.

I phoned Black Box Boutique ( the exy is at Public Library agency - but they share a space) and tried to find out if the exhibition would be available to view or if it was a one night only thing, they werent really sure but I was able to nab a few of the prints (at $40 each it was hard not to) naturally the Ed and Terry prints had sold out on the night.

I have to step out and have a bit of a moan here - why was this not publicised more? Aaron Rose can easily be hailed as one of the more influential curators of our time, he helped breed the culture that we know and love today - so why wasnt this one of the most talked about events of the year? I would have driven to Auckland just for this exy had I known about it.

There is an interesting article here over at Post new which is great to gain a bit of insight about Aaron and also his intentions about this exhibition, when reading the article at Post New I was able to empathise with Aaron's goals for the exhibition, and it reassured me that my belief in accessible art is not unfounded,  but I cant help but feel New Zealand comes across like a rock in the middle of nowhere thats never heard of art or culture.

I happen to own most of Aaron's books, and a large amount of the "Beautiful Losers" books and artwork. I may be an exception to the norm as Im a geek who tends to obsess, but plenty of people I know dont blink an eye when I mention these artists - have  we been unfairly represented ? Quite a few of us know and respect these artists work. I do agree that the exhibition will be new for a lot of people - but just so you know there are a few of us that get it.

Now with the moaning over - its still a fantastic opportunity to acquire some of these legends artwork - which I suggest you do. Give Black Box boutique in Grey Lynn, Auckland to find out more.


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