Wee trip to the big smoke

Glenn and I headed up to Auckland last weekend. We had a few reasons for the visit - mostly work or skateboarding related but I managed to sneak a minute or two to tick some spots off my list. The highlights of the visit ( for me) were finally getting to visit "Bloc" and the fabulous stores within in it - Collected, World Beauty , Pencil Boutique and Citta Design. Very cool concept and something I dream of  creating here in Tauranga. Check out their website here but to be honest nothing beats the real thing in Mt Eden so stop in for a visit - you might even discover the Citta Design factory store just a few stores down!

The other highlight of my trip was finally being able to visit the new revamped Auckland Art Gallery . I was pretty blown away by the new gallery, I couldnt really think of many ways to explain it other than world class. Fabulous shop, fabulous exhibitions, amazing spaces, Architecture and design. The rock n roll photography exy was on when I visited, which I really enjoyed as did the many other people that were filling up the space, I then took the time  to explore the rest of the gallery which was incredible. I was wandering through a pop art retrospective  and turned a corner to find a floor to ceiling glass window in to the stunning albert park - it was just as breathtaking as the art that graced the walls. Moral of the story ? Visit it as soon as you can!

On my walk back from the gallery I realised I should have been taking more photos so that I could right a decent blog post - so please excuse the iphone photos!!


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