Sign Painters - The Book & Movie

It was Glenn's birthday recently and amongst other goodies, I managed to get him a copy of the recently published book "Sign Painters" (more info here). Glenn is actually a fully qualified sign writer and he was lucky enough to have been taught all of the old school techniques that are used in the book. The bulk of his early years as a signwriter were spent hand painting signs.

Since the invention of computers, plotters and large format printers, hand sign painting has quickly become a fading art, but almost simutaneously it appears to be more and more valued in the art and graffiti world - see artists like Steve Espo Powers , Ed Ruscha and Jeff Canham to name a few.

It wasnt until I read the foreword of the book that I discovered there is a movie to accompany the book which is a bit of a bonus. The book has been a great read and I look forward to the movie!


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