The Happy Show - Stefan Sagmeister Exhibition

The one and only Stefan Sagmeister has anew exhibition that appears to be continuing down a road he started on with his last publication - discussing maxims and ideas he has gathered from his own life about Happiness. He is now working with a couple of sciency folk who are dedicated to research on Happiness and this exhibition is the result.

Boy would I love to see this. A quick flick through the Tumblr shows a glimpse of how fascinating and inspiring his work can be. The only catch is its currently showing in Philadelphia and moves on to Toronto next - two destinations I dont really see on my road map any time soon!

However for now, we can just enjoy the tumblr site right here its kept me entertained for the last hour or so !

He is also working on a film on the same subject matter -see the trailer below and help out over at kickstarter!

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