Skateboards as Wall Art

I've had this blog post in the works for some time now. You may or may not know that we have two stores in our life and the other one is known as The Good Room.

The Good Room is a skate shop - so as you can imagine, Skateboards are a big part of my world. We use skateboards as art on our walls and I happen to love them.

We have a huge variety of different boards, some are special because of the artists that created them, well most of them are and some we just really like. Owning a shop its hard to choose which ones make the cut - we would have more if we could.

If you have been thinking about finding something different for your room or your kids room - consider a board. All in all they are a relatively inexpensive and if you want to change them you can on sell it or someone in the family can take up skating! They are bright colourful and fun and can really make a room. 

Skateboards are a high turn over item - we are always getting new ones in so be sure to check out the selection over at

I have included some of my favourite skateboards below.




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