Bon Lux Room Spray - Flora

Bon Lux Room Spray - Flora

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Natural room spray 'FLORA' scent by BON LUX

Featuring the handmade fragrance from our candle 'FLORA'
in a 100 ml room spray, blending bright notes of daffodil, 
sweet lily of the valley flowers with fresh cut grass. 
A great companion to the votive candle for scent layering-
burn your candle, spray the room spray for super freshness!

Spray into the air of a room to freshen up, 
bring in the sunshine, after cooking, while cleaning.
made from skin safe all natural ingredients, 

Natural room spray is made from a blend of 3 simple 
natural ingredients. each 100ml glass bottle contains:
BON LUX handmade fragrance 'FLORA' 
made from essential+plant oils, distilled water, and alcohol

comes in a cute illustrated card wrap tube.